McLaren Group

Founded by successful driver Bruce McLaren in 1963, McLaren has been at the forefront of the automotive industry and Formula One motor racing for over four decades. Over the years, McLaren has grown to be more than just a racing team, with three core business units – McLaren Racing, McLaren Automotive, and McLaren Applied – that need protecting.

McLaren Group

Adapting to the Evolving Threat Landscape

From stealthy exfiltration of world-leading IP to machinespeed attacks capable of encrypting devices in seconds, a cyber-attack could be the difference between McLaren winning and losing. The protection of sensitive data – often shared with trusted partners and key suppliers – is therefore paramount.

McLaren’s workforce has always been incredibly dynamic, with the team accustomed to effectively setting up remote trackside offices in different parts of the world every weekend.

The widespread move to remote working further escalated the organization’s reliance on cloud and SaaS tools such as Dropbox and Microsoft Teams. Prior to Darktrace, these environments were protected by a disparate collection of siloed point solutions that rely on pre-defining malicious behavior to spot future threats.

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