Moody’s DataHub Platform Details: Analytics

Moody’s DataHub Platform Details: Analytics

Moody’s DataHub better serves Data Scientists and advanced Desktop Users who are seeking more data & tools through modernized delivery.

Analytic activities are only as valuable as the insights they deliver. Typically, this is where most analytics environments fall short, allowing users to identify insights and build capability but providing no mechanism to distribute across their organization.

Moody’s DataHub is unique. For the first time, it centralizes all of Moody’s data on a single, cloud-based platform that can flexibly deliver content to your organization, while also equipping you with the tools you need to collaborate at the raw data level to facilitate the realization of new value creation. Using a combination of industry leading data security, configuration, deployment, and access management, Moody’s DataHub provides the flexibility you and your enterprise demand, in a controlled framework.

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