Getting your edge priorities right

Getting your edge priorities right

Define your goals and zero in on the edge-based innovation you need to drive your business forward.

As society looks beyond the pandemic, savvy enterprises are pulling out whiteboards and brainstorming ways

they can seize emerging opportunities. They’re thinking about what needs to change in their organizations to

capture these opportunities and what role edge technologies can play.

There’s plenty to consider. Teams can easily become paralyzed by choice. What’s needed is a model that aids

prioritization, balancing tradeoffs of the options available and their potential benefits and the opportunity costs of

paths not taken.

How do you architect technology platforms to digitize the physical world and project the experience into the digital

world with customer-centric strategies? This requires anticipating the customer experience and an operating model

that covers the customer journey all the way back to cloud ecosystems.

To best take advantage of the digital edge, start by doing three basic things: Understand your business goals,

choose technologies that serve those goals, and move to an operating model that connects the two.

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