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AI 360°Model – Unlock the benefits of Artificial Intelligence

We’re in the midst of a fevered period of hype about how artificial intelligence will shape the future of work. But, as Nigel Duffy, Global AI Innovation Leader at EY, says: “while there is a lot of noise regarding AI, there’s been a lack of in-depth discussion and analysis of how it’s actually going to transform businesses.”

Future of Intelligence: Big Data & Analytics in Portugal

O estudo Future of Intelligence: Big Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence in Portugal analisa as principais tendências relacionadas com a oferta e procura de soluções de Big Data, analítica de negócio no território nacional. Identifica ainda as estratégias de crescimento dos principais fornecedores destas soluções no território nacional.

Setor das TIC

A BI4ALL é líder em serviços de consultoria com competências de excelência em Transformação Digital e Data Strategy, com foco em Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualizations, CPM e Software Engineering. Na BI4ALL trabalhamos com Clientes que definem um futuro de sucesso.

Mind Over Data

Mind Over Data is a data focused boutique consultancy, providing Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to clients worldwide. Our focus on business problems and scientific knowledge give us the ability to tackle most business data challenges. We are a senior team with cross sectional experience and very close ties to universities. Our method of permanent questioning and testing, confronting results within the team and robust analyses, provide the highest standards for preventing errors and biases. We have been working worldwide with clients in Europe, Australia and Brasil, in industries ranging Retail, Telcos, Insurers, FinTech, Logistics, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Lotteries and Gaming.