Future of Analytics

We don’t believe in guessing games. We believe in data that replaces guessing with knowing. We believe in challenging the status quo with data to back it up. We believe in organizations using data to fuel innovation and come up with the next big thing. No noise, no distractions. Focus and make every decision count.

The Need for Intuitive Apps

nDeliver personalized data experiences for every user. Design and deploy applications for everyone—no code, low code, or all code. Most important all are secured by design.

Embedding to elevate the analytics experiencen

Meet users where they are and in a way that they understand. That’s Key! Either simple visualizations, pages of data, or full applications into existing products or solutions to enhance workflow efficiency. It’s time to make your organization truly data-driven.


Accelerate data discovery for faster problem-solving and ideation with augmented analytics and automated experiences. The latest technology leverages ML (machine learning) and AI to identify data patterns, outliers, or anomalies and send proactive data alerts. Simply select KPIs to track. Get automatic updates. All supercharged by the Semantic Graph.

In Financial Services - Mitigate risk and ensure strict regulatory compliance.

In Retail - Optimize sales with personalized customer experiences.

In Healthcare - Deliver better services for providers and patients.

In Public Sector - Ensure mission readiness and respond to new challenges.

In Technology - Move faster with powerful, open analytics applications.

We're dedicated to the design of cutting-edge applications that enhance intelligence and influence through analytics. Go behind the scenes with smart workflows, augmented experiences, and the debut of Generative AI.

It's time to go all in!

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